Redefining Recruitment with AI.

Finding the perfect match should be quick, easy and effortless.

Hire better, faster and smarter with AI

Stop sifting through hundreds of CVs.

Stop interviewing candidates that don’t fit.

Focus on productive tasks.

Attracting talent to our business has been one of the biggest challenges we have faced over the last few years within the region.

Since we were introduced to Startly, we’ve been able to attract amazing talent at a fraction of the cost and the time.

Joshua Ashley Collins,
Founder of Playbook

I’d highly recommend Startly to companies looking to hire…

I’d almost given up after the experience we had with LinkedIn Jobs as we just didn’t have the time to properly screen 100s of candidates.


I was surprised by the precision. Startly enabled us to quickly find relevant candidates for multiple of our roles.

The process was effortless – it enabled me to stay productive and focus on driving the business forward.

Zac Shander-Kelsey,
Head of Business Development

Intelligently Designed, Effortless Recruitment

Step 1

Define your role

Upload your job description and speak directly with Starla, our AI assistant, to quickly and accurately understand exactly who you’re looking for.

Step 2

View best matches

Your role is posted on various job boards and Starla efficiently matches applicants, sending you top CVs, you then choose which applicants Starla will interview

Step 3

AI interview
Starla interviews the chosen candidates and you receive detailed candidate reports so you can choose who to take through to the final stages.

Starla screens and interviews candidates so you don’t have to

Effortless Hiring

Let our AI do the heavy lifting. Find perfectly matched candidates based on experience, personality, and role requirements, saving you time and effort.

Faster Hiring

Accelerate your hiring process. Quickly identify and hire the right talent without wasting time on irrelevant CVs and unqualified candidates.

Reduced Costs

Cut recruitment costs. Use our AI-driven platform to save on traditional recruitment fees while maintaining high hiring standards.


$349 per role


  • Human Account Manager
  • 20 Qualified, Relevant CVs with scoring
  • Up to 10 AI Interviews with full report

Leaving you with up to 10, relevant, quality and interviewed caniddtaes to select who to take forward.

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